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Enlist the Help of Your Network with the Right Email

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Summary: Learn how to send the right emails to your network in order to get their help in your job search.

You’ve taken all the necessary steps to get prepared for the hunt for a new job by updating your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio. Now the next step is to alert your network that you are on the hunt. But who do you approach? The task of reaching out to your network can seem daunting because you are asking others to put their necks out and help you.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are most often willing to help, especially if you do most of the work for them. Tell them what kind of job you are looking for in the right way.

Provide a short detailed list, possibly with some bullet points:

– List your three most recent job titles, companies you’ve worked for, and responsibilities.

– List your ideal job title and function as well as ones you would consider.

– List 5 or so companies you would love to work for and in what location, in case the company has more than one office.

Contact everyone:

Reach out to your entire network except your mentor, boss, colleagues, and those at your dream companies.

– Put together the email and be specific about what you are looking for – job leads, postings, new contacts, informational interviews, etc.

– Be sure to include in the email all the pertinent information regarding your current position, how long you have held it, and what you are looking for and where. Put your bulleted list at the bottom of the email and attach your resume.

Send targeted emails:

– Create emails for specific people like former bosses, your mentor, colleagues, etc.

– Personalize the emails with specific requests from each person about how they can help you. These people are the ones that you can muster up the courage to ask for direct job leads at particular companies, feedback on your resume, and general advice.

Give it some time:

– Responses won’t come back that same day.

– You got the feelers out there so have faith in your network that they are keeping their ears open for leads for you.

– If you still have no responses after a month, send out a friendly follow-up email.

Say thank you to everyone:

– Send out personalized thank you notes to everyone responds to your email or offers any help. It does not matter if their tips don’t lead to a job.

– You want to make sure your network knows their effort was appreciated so that if you need their help in a few years again, they will be willing to help.


Enlist the Help of Your Network with the Right Email by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin