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10 Companies with Cool Offices

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Facebook office

Summary: Take a look at these 10 companies with awesome offices that you can get a job with now.

Why work for a company with boring office spaces when there are so many options of fun, trend offices to work in. Here are ten examples of companies that are hiring and have super cool offices to help entice you, as if you needed any enticement to work for such great companies.

  1. Facebook

Are you honestly surprised to see Facebook here? They are a cutting-edge leader that takes risks that pay off. Their office probably looks like a big risk to some with its industrial open vibe but everyone still wants to work there so the design must work.

FAcebook office

  1. L’Oréal

Artwork and photography adorn the walls of this company’s office with bright colors and open spaces.


  1. Philips Lighting

Want to work someplace with a game room, great lighting, and a European culture? Head on over to Philips Lighting to get a job where you will be sure to work hard but have fun doing it.

Philips Lighting

  1. Hospital Corporation of America

Light and bright comes to mind when looking at the office of HCA. Their meeting rooms are surrounded by glass to provide sound privacy but an openness too.


  1. Staff Management SMX

With a team of employees that don’t stop until the job is done, their customer service demonstrates respect to its customers daily. Their offices reflect that respect with clean fresh areas to work besides a standard desk.

Staff Managment SMX

  1. Booz Allen Hamilton

Who would have thought a cubicle could look inviting? At Booz Allen Hamilton, the office is traditional with desks and cubicles but there is an air of openness to the layout that invites collaboration and communication.

Booz Allen Hamilton

  1. IBM

IBM goes above and beyond to keep their employees trained in their specialities while providing great benefits and pay. As a top technology company, it comes as no surprise that their office reflects that top technology.


  1. Philips

The office has well-lit with bright colors and trendy chairs but that is not all. They have the latest CT scanner machines and manufacturing facilities on site.


  1. Walmart eCommerce

Walmart is a leading retail company so it is no surprise that they are a leader in the design of a fun office. They have transformed a cold, dark concrete building into a bright, cheery place to work.


10. Box

Box is led by CEO Aaron Levie, an energetic and passionate person about the company and people working for it. Their office has a room reminiscent of the beach, fitted with blue carpet, straw umbrella, lounge chairs, and soft chairs to relax in.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin