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How to Sell Employers on Your Retail Wisdom

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Summary: Learn how you can find a job in your field after graduation even if you don’t have any relevant work experience.


Question: I am a senior marketing major interested in a career in retail beginning as a management trainee when I graduate. I have been working part-time in a supermarket as a front-desk service clerk to pay for college and it has taken me six years. My school schedule is very time-consuming, and I can’t afford to work more or take on an internship. Do you think employers will view this negatively? Will I have to pursue the sales aspect of marketing instead of retail?

Answer: You sound like a perfect candidate to become a management trainee in retail. Your confidence in presenting your interest and qualifications will be key in winning interviews and offers.

Highlight your strengths in the following areas to impress prospective employers in retail:

  • Your proven customer-service focus and demonstrated ability to solve problems.
  • Your strong work ethic, initiative and flexibility.
  • Your ability to work effectively with a diverse population.
  • Your ability to learn quickly.
  • Your interest in an employer’s particular product.

All management-trainee programs aren’t created equal, however, so do your homework. Go on a little shopping spree for information, that is. Visit the stores you are considering and talk informally to the people who work there for insights on everything from working conditions to management-trainee programs. Start researching retail stores that will provide you with the most promising opportunity.

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