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Facebook Provides Tools for Job Seekers

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Summary: Here is yet another excuse to be on Facebook all day long, except this one lets you do something more productive.

Have you noticed that new feature on Facebook that says Jobs? Facebook is adding more features to their site, making it even harder to not be on the social website all day. This new feature specifically lists all the jobs posted in your area, so that you can easily scan available jobs to see if there is anything that catches your eye. Not only does this feature let you browse job openings, you can apply directly, track your application, and communicate directly with the company.

With this new feature in mind, you still need to make sure you are making your profile and resume look the part.

  • Photos: Your cover and profile photo should be flattering, appropriate, and appealing while still being true to who you are.
  • Profile: Make your profile clear of profanity and appear polished at first glance. Check your privacy settings, taking advantage of the “view as” feature so that you can see what others are seeing on your page. The introduction can be up to 101-characters and you can select five featured photos to highlight your personality.
  • Albums: If you have photos or albums that may not be so appropriate then check the privacy settings on them to make private. There is no need to delete them.
  • “Like”: Examine all the pages you have “liked” to see if there might be some that you can remove. There may be pages that “liked” years ago and don’t resonate with your interests and goals anymore. The pages left should be appropriate, age appropriate, and reflect your true interests.
  • Groups: Facebook groups are an easy way to network with others in your industry or who share similar interests. Browse the groups on Facebook that are relevant to you to find other member to interact with.
  • Contact: The upsides to social networks are being able to actual network. Approaching people in real life is intimidating but approaching them online is a lot easier.
  • Remember that Facebook will only have jobs that companies post on there so to make sure you are seeing a wider range of options, check out the jobs on Gig.

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Facebook Provides Tools for Job Seekers by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin