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Does HR Look Down on the Self-Employed?

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Summary: This article discusses how an HR department feels about the self-employed.


Question: After five years of self-employment as a consultant, I’m attempting to rejoin the corporate world. But I’ve had great difficulty securing interviews, even for positions that would be a step down, but for which I’m clearly qualified. I’m wondering if HR people and other hiring managers see self-employment as a negative and, if so, how I might overcome that.

Answer: Self-employment per se isn’t your problem. If you have the skills and personality a company is seeking, whether you come from another company or your own venture isn’t important, say HR managers. I’d suggest re-calling the people you’ve contacted thus far and explain your need to understand why they haven’t offered you interviews. While only a few may respond honestly (with your encouragement), that should be enough for you to learn the real problem, whether it’s your resume, education, experience or lack of specific skills.

Does HR Look Down on the Self-Employed? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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