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Should You Write a 4-Page Resume?

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Summary: This article answers whether a four-page resume is better than a two-page resume.


Question: In his book, “Rites of Passage,” John Lucht recommends writing a four-page resume. Is there any evidence that this works better for senior managers than a two-pager?

Answer: There’s no question that the vast majority of candidates who use long resumes won’t earn interviews. In fact, there seems to be a movement among hiring managers to disregard resumes entirely and focus on what applicants say in their cover letters (don’t worry: short resumes are still the proper way to respond). But when you reach the $100,000+ salary level, things change. The search takes longer as more time is spent reviewing each candidate, and exceptions are made for applicants with unusual quirks, such as a long resume. However, I believe that short is still sweet. Your resume should be used as a door opener that generates an interview, so forcing hiring managers to wade through four pages is asking too much. If you’ve got lots of great things to say about yourself, save them for the interview. Focus on your three or four greatest accomplishments in your resume to earn a personal meeting.

Should You Write a 4-Page Resume? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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