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6 Kinds of Entrepreneurs – What One Are You?

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Summary: There are several categories of entrepreneurs that people can fit depending on their expertise and skills that affect how they market themselves.

Do you know what an entrepreneur is? An entrepreneur is a talented thinker that mixes business expertise with creativity and aesthetics. Entrepreneurs can be self-employed or they can work for a specific industry. With so many options to what an entrepreneur can do, there are six distinct types to fit them into depending on their skills and knowledge.

1. The Educator

An educator or thought leader takes information and uses it to teach their followers. This lesson can be anything from a tutorial on how to knit a blanket to a new skill like coding. Generally, the educator will use multiple methods to teach – blog posts, videos, and podcasts – in order to build interest, trust and authority on their subject. Once a following is established, they can sell ebooks, workshops, and courses to make a profit. They understand that they have to give valuable content away to get the bigger reward.

2. The Freelancer

This kind of entrepreneur trades their skill for an hourly rate or per project amount. They are deemed experts in their field, which can range from web design, graphic design, video production, photography, copywriting, public relations, social media management, and illustration. They can find clients online and in-person. They succeed by becoming the best in their field and then promoting their skills to those that can afford premium rates.

3. The Coach

This entrepreneur has a charismatic personality and is able to find the potential in others. They are able to meet with clients through programs like Google Hangouts or in-person to give them motivation and inspiration. Their other role for their clients is as an accountability check to encourage their clients to push forward when they hit roadblocks.

4. The Artist/Maker

They create physical items such as housewares, jewelry, clothing, candles, perfume, paintings, greetings cards, etc. They either sell their items wholesale to retailers or directly to their audience.

5. The Curator

Also referred to as the Retailer, this person has an innate ability to find and sell merchandise that others make. They are able to find a balance between buying and selling to make money. They are successful because of their ability in business and promoting a target market.

6. The Entertainer

This entrepreneur uses all kind of media – YouTube videos, music, theater, podcasts, web series, and performances – to promote their brand. They provide engaging material that brings in their audience. They generate money through the sale of tickets to their events or through advertising and promotional activities. They must sustain an audience of committed fans to be successful.

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6 Kinds of Entrepreneurs - What One Are You? by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin