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Where Can I Find Minority-Recruitment Programs?

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Summary: Learn how to identify the best companies for minorities in this article.


Question: I am black and a single mother. I will graduate from college soon, and I’ve been told that many Fortune 500 companies have minority recruitment programs. Can you tell me how to take advantage of these opportunities?

Answer: I’m glad you asked because there are so many excellent resources available.

To make an internship a valuable experience, start with a visit to Each year, many business publications publish a list of best companies for minorities based on a variety of criteria. For Internet resources, try

Identifying potential companies from the various sources is only the beginning of the process. Continue to probe by reading annual reports and talking with current or past employees for first-hand accounts of their employers’ commitment to and climate for diversity.

Where Can I Find Minority-Recruitment Programs? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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