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How to Make a Radical Career Change

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Summary: Want to make a major career change? Find out how you can move from computer science into a creative field in this article.


Question: I have a master’s degree in computer science, but I don’t like working as a programmer or analyst. I am creative and artistic and have struggled to find a rewarding job in the information-technology field. What areas of specialization could enhance my career opportunities?

Answer: Trade the IT hat for an artist’s beret. Your IT training and experience provide an excellent complementary skill set for just about any career field. As an aspiring artist, imagine the type of setting that would allow you to use your creative instincts while benefiting from your computer background.

An option that immediately comes to mind is working as a web graphic designer, a position in which you would create the look and feel for websites. Almost all businesses and nonprofit organizations maintain an online presence, so you could work for a dedicated web design firm, a graphic design studio with a web design component, a mass media company (television, newspaper, books) or as part of an in-house corporate team. According to Steven Heller and Teresa Fernandes in “Becoming a Graphic Designer” (John Wiley & Sons), the work is highly collaborative, so consider your style before making a final decision. An internship or freelance assignment can offer an opportunity to explore your fit before heading for a radical career shift.

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