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How to Turn Past Jobs into Future Success on Your Resume

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Summary: Find out what information you should include on your resume to make the best first impression to a potential employer.


Question: I’ve just graduated and would like to know how to handle previous work experience on my resume. My previous experience includes retail and food service, but my career is computer programming. Should I include my previous jobs even though they have nothing to do with my current objective? Should I ignore my past and concentrate on my internship, which was a computer-related job?

Answer: Use the best of both worlds and incorporate it into a knockout resume. Lead with your internship because it directly hits your target. Showcase accomplishments by detailing your results related to projects and programming. List specific software or applications in your repertoire. To distinguish yourself, sprinkle in accolades or ratings from customers, co-workers, and supervisors.

As for your previous experience, don’t apologize. Graduates are often shy or embarrassed about referring to work in retail and food service. Yet, these settings provide an ample introduction to the world of cash flow and customer satisfaction. Instead of eliminating these experiences, place them after your career-related internship. Highlight transferable skills related to customer service, technology applications, communication, and teamwork.

How to Turn Past Jobs into Future Success on Your Resume by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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