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Using Your Resume to Overcome Pay Inequality

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Summary: This article answers what to do when you’re facing pay inequality issues despite having a great background.


Question: I work in public-relations management for a top university, but I’m making half of what my dad earned as a PR pro with a major corporation back in the 1970s. As my family’s sole earner, salary is critical for me, and I’m troubled by the pay inequity issue. How can I make a career transition to a higher-paying senior-level position in the corporate world? I have PR experience in executive speechwriting, and my recent work has been in the hot field of computer technology. But I fear that my current academic salary will keep me from receiving fair compensation. What do you think?

Answer: As an exercise, start by creating a functional resume that outlines your range of PR management skills and accomplishments, but ignores where they were accomplished. Once you’re done, you have a document that shows corporate interviewers that you’re as capable as candidates from the business world and deserving of equal pay (and referring to it can help boost your confidence during salary negotiations). Pragmatically, when an interviewer asks your salary goal, offer a realistic range based on your research of compensation in the corporate PR market. The size of your current paycheck is irrelevant, because that’s not the job you’re applying for. You’re aiming much higher.

Using Your Resume to Overcome Pay Inequality by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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