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Soft Skills Sell When You Lack Experience

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Summary: Learn how to boost your resume even if you have little relevant experience for a position.


Question: I’m a recent college graduate who has been hired by a Fortune 500 company and is being recruited by a better one. Playing sports allowed me to attend college on a full scholarship, but left me with virtually no time to look into and complete an internship. What should I do to make myself marketable on the job circuit despite not having as much experience as someone who found time to complete internships in college?

Answer: If you’ve been hired by a Fortune 500 company and are being wooed by another, you already are marketable. If your lack of experience surfaces as an obstacle in some cases, showcase your strengths as they apply to the specific needs of the company and position you’re targeting. Depending on the position, you may choose to highlight your team-building and leadership skills and the competitive approach you developed from your sports involvement.

Given companies’ apparent interest in you, accept the position that’s most likely to give you a strong foundation and start building your portfolio immediately. If you choose wisely, next year at this time experience will not be an issue.

See Good Leaders Should Develop Certain Soft Skills for more information.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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