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Make Sure You Quote the Correct GPA on Your Resume

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Summary: Do you know how to properly display your GPA on your resume? Find out how in this article.


Question: I will be interviewing on campus for an entry-level auditing job with public accounting firms. I would like to include my grade-point average on my resume, but I attended two colleges with different grading systems. When transferring to the college from which I received my degree, the grades I received from the first college I attended converted to a lower point value. Should I calculate my GPA using the grades I actually earned from the two colleges, or should I use my last college’s calculation? Also, should I average in a failing grade I received even if I retook the class and got a better grade?

Answer: It’s important to provide a consistent picture. To avoid raising questions in the minds of potential employers, the GPA you quote should match the GPA your college will be presenting. If the GPA the college is citing inaccurately reflects a lower average, it may be worth the hassle of trying to get the official record changed.

As for the failing grade, there’s good news. If you took the class over and received a passing grade, the higher grade is the only one factored into your average.

Make Sure You Quote the Correct GPA on Your Resume by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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