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5 Types of Skills Employers Want to See

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Summary: There are five general skills that employers must see on a resume in order to consider the candidate for an interview.

Employers want to see a variety of skills and talents on the resumes that they are skimming over. They want employees that are well-rounded and capable of being valuable members of their company. There are five particular categories of skills that they are especially looking for.

  1. Communication

For this category, consider communication skills in written, verbal, and listening abilities. Employers need employees that can work effectively with others both orally and in writing.

  1. Leadership/Management

Goal-driven leaders will have an ability to maintain a productive climate while confidently motivating, mobilizing, and coaching employees to meet high performance standards. Employers want managers and executive members that are strong leaders so they can carry the company to greater heights.

  1. Planning/Organizing

A results-driven achiever will have excellent planning and organizing skills, as well as a high degree of detail orientation. In order to achieve results a great deal of organization and efficient work must be done. Employers want someone that not only gets more done, but does their work with high quality.

  1. Problem Solving/Reasoning/Creativity

An innovative problem-solver can create workable solutions and resolve complaints. Employers are looking for candidates that can find problems and then fix them.

  1. Teamwork

Resourceful team players excel at building trust in their relationships with colleagues and customers. Employees that lack the ability to work effectively with their colleagues will struggle to find a place they belong and can be successful in. Strive to find a way to work with your colleagues, no matter how difficult it may be. Remember that a good relationship with your team is for the benefit of the company and does not need to extend past the office.

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5 Types of Skills Employers Want to See by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin