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Remember the 10 C’s in Your Management Style

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Summary: Use these 10 C’s as a point of reference when you are managing a team and trying to improve employee engagement.

Finding ways to keep your workforce engaged in their work and the company does not have to be difficult. These 10 topics will help you succeed as a manager and in improving employee engagement so that you can have a strong, productive team.

10 C’s:

1. Connect – Show you value your employees by building relationships with them. This can only be done if you are sincere and truly care about their feelings, interests, concerns, etc.

2. Clarity – As a manager, you must provide clarity on the vision and goals of the company and team.

3. Career – Give challenging and meaningful work to keep your employees engaged. Without something challenging them to improve, employees will lose interest in developing new skills.

4. Convey- Properly convey to your employees your expectations and feedback to ensure they understand what they are doing well and what they need to improve on.

5. Congratulate – Employees need to be recognized and/or rewarded for their hard work.

6. Control – Employees want to feel that they have some control over the flow and pace of work that they have to keep up with. Do this by involving them in the processes.

7. Contribute – Employees need to see how they fit into the organization’s goals.

8. Collaborate – Encourage and foster an environment where your employees build trust.

9. Credibility – Credibility is essential for a company to get the results it needs and behaviors from employees to keep the company going.

10. Confidence – Build confidence in your employees by providing skill-building opportunities, which will enable them to produce higher performance.

Is there something unique you have done to improve employee engagement? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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Remember the 10 C’s in Your Management Style by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin