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Stocks on an Upward Swing

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Stocks swung upward early in November, when the trading first began for the day, according to market reports. In the last two sessions, the stocks fell at a nose-diving pace. It appears that the numbers will remain positive. However, you will see more of an average figure than another sharp rise in prices.

News looks good for the stock market, even though the initial spike has dipped down. The Dow rose 142.28 points, 1.2 percent, at 11, 800.24. The NASDAQ climbed 23.41 points or 0.9 percent at 2,630.37.The S&P 500 reached 15.33 points, 1.3 percent, at 1,233.61, according to RTT News, in an article titled “Stocks See Initial Strength on Upbeat Employment Data – U.S. Commentary.”

One of the main reason for the stock upswing involves a report that came in from payroll processor ADP, showing a stronger growth than previously thought in private job sector fields, during the month of October. This change prompted the rise in stocks that you see going on right now.

The report compiled by ADP shows that private sector job saw that 110,000 job vacancies were filled during October. Recently revise reports indicate that, in September, 116,000 new hires were added to employment rosters. Economists originally reported an increase of 100,000 jobs, as compared to the 91,000 additional job numbers they first saw for the previous month.

Even with the higher-than-expected employment numbers, ADP makes note of the fact that the increase still remains below what they define as stable in regards to the unemployment rate.

Other good news, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, is that the United States saw a steep decline in the number of jobs that were originally which employers planned to trim the fat in their companies during the past couple of months. The fact that a good portion of these companies failed to let their current employees go, contributed to the gains seen in the stock market.

Purchasing power slowed after the initial upswing because traders are seeking the latest policy statements regarding money, which is set by the Federal Reserve.

Some stocks still remain a good deal, according to RTT News. Natural gas, the NYSE Arca Natural Gas Index, is up by 2.2 percent, at the present time. Other valuable stocks right now include those in the telecom, brokerage and steel industry. The majority of other companies have seen a rise in their stocks also, states a writer for RTT News.

Stocks across the pond rose to 0.2 percent in the U.K., as seen on their FTSE 100 Index, 0.7 percent in France (CAC 40 Index) and 1 percent in Germany’s DAX Index.

Asian stocks saw gain and losses, depending on the region. Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index declined by 2.2 percent. China’s Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index experienced a gain of 1.9 percent. All of this was good news for not only the United States but also the world economic problems. But, in recent days, stocks have struggled across the world once again.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes