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Two Social Workers Hired by Houston County in Minnesota

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Human Resources director Tess Kruger requested Houston County commissioners to create a pair of full-time social workers in late October, according to The Spring Grove Herald.

Melissa Foth and Susan Rockers-Wittkopp will mostly serve children’s mental health and child welfare cases.

Kruger stated that the children’s mental health is recompensated through state and federal funding, while child welfare cases are partly subsidized with local funds.  The program is mandated by the state.

The open positions came about due to department personnel being moved around as well as departures.  The two hires will round out the Human Services Department.

Sandee Feuerhelm, a retiring dispatcher/jailer, pleaded the board to rescind last week’s action to put her on the 67-day temporary roster for her vacated job.

Kruger claimed the request untimely and that Feuerhelm will probably need to offer her services on an as-necessary structure.

County Attorney Jamie Hammell stood before the board, requesting the commissioners to ponder putting the Victim Services officer inside her department and financing the role for next year.

Six communities have been requested to pay for the position.  The majority have not agreed, but La Crescent just approved a commitment to cater more than their fair share.

Caledonia has been requested to pay $2,000, $1,500 for Spring Grove, $1,250 for Houston as Hokah and Brownsville will send $500 each.  Houston County will pay $29,660.

The idea received collective approval, but did not conclude with a motion.

The meth trailer in Caledonia that was handed off to the county to remove has been shifted to a safe spot for asbestos mitigation.

Public Health/Nursing director Deb Rock offered a motion from Immediate Response Abatement of La Crosse to do the labor for $4,950, which was passed.

The dilemma is that the organization will have to dispose the roof of the trailer to dispatch the asbestos, leaving the trailer structurally unstable as it’s dragged to the La Crosse County landfill.

Chairmen Jack Miller stated that the county’s frac sand study board is marching towards its plan of a new mining ordinance proposal.

Environmental Services director Rick Frank has pursued several different firms to act as third-part consultants to examine the Erickson mine’s environmental assessment worksheet (EAW).

Frank also stated that price calculations will be released soon from the remaining organizations.  Spending for the county to assess the EAW will accumulate during 2012 and 2013.

Brian Pogodzinski, the county engineer, brought the yearly bridge replacement list to the board yet again for another vote.  According to Pogodzinski, engineering prices are estimated around $20,000 a bridge.

Two Social Workers Hired by Houston County in Minnesota by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes