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Hidden Talent: Can You Dig it?

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Yesterday, archaeologists announced the discovery of a new pyramid in Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian burial site. Antiquities experts believe the monument is over 4,300 years old and once belonged to the queen mother of the founder of the Sixth Dynasty.

Wow. We spend so much time gathering instant information and rushing innovation, it’s a little jarring when we discover such a tangible reminder of our past. Amazing to think that until just recently this grand structure was simply chillin under some sand. Then winds shifted, folks started digging, and here we are.

I remember wanting to be an archaeologist when I was eight (I’m sure that profession was also featured in a “When I Grow Up” segment before Saturday morning cartoons). The thought of finding something valuable beneath a swatch of plain dirt was almost too exciting to bear–I think I even asked for a metal detector for Christmas (but instead I got a Lil’ Scientists Microscope set). I didn’t end up becoming a scientist, but the idea of discovery and surprise stuck with me.

In the midst of our job searches, our career coaching, our professional evaluations, we should strive to find our own ancient pyramids within ourselves– something cool, something rare, something amazing that has been there all along.

Joining a professional organization is one key way you can discover your hidden talent(s). Being around people in your profession or that share your interests allows you a level of comfort and flexibility to branch out and learn something new. If you are a marketing professional, the American Marketing Association allows you such an opportunity.

Also, the book Is Your Genius at Work? by Dick Richards asserts that we all have a unique genius and an exceptional power that comes naturally to us. His offers suggestions for how to apply it in work and in our life.

If you feel the need to change your path once you’ve cleared some of the sand away and looked at your true talents, come to and try our free trial where there’s just the right job waiting to be found.

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