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10 Must Have Items at Your Desk

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Summary: Our desk can be a pantry, drugstore, closet, and personal escape from the world when we keep the right items to make these functions possible.

A desk can serve many functions. It is a place we often eat at, daydream at, cry at, and share juicy gossip with our friends at. With so much time spent at our desks, we should be keeping some essential items at it to make our lives and days less stressful.

  1. A sweater

The AC at the office can be wonky sometimes so keep a sweater or another source of staying a little bit warmer at your desk so you can sit and work without becoming a popsicle.

  1. Deodorant

You never know when this useful tool can make a difference. You may forget to put it on in the morning or the AC may be broken so you need a refresher in the middle of the day.

  1. Personal grooming items

This item may be more pertinent for women but men may want to keep a few items handy for those times you head out for drinks with co-workers after work or have an impromptu presentation in front of the entire executive board.

  1. Food

You may have to skip going out to get lunch one day so you can finish a project. Having a granola bar, trail mix, or another healthy snack will be enough to tie you over to until you can find the time to get out for a real meal.

  1. Comfy shoes

Wearing high heels all day can kill your feet. Once the weather turns to snow, wearing heavy snow boots all day can be uncomfortable. Keeping a pair of comfy shoes at your desk, such as slippers, will save your feet and make you feel cozy on those cold snowy days.

  1. An item to dress up your outfit

Your office may not require you to wear a suit and tie everyday but keeping a tie if you are a guy or a necklace if you are a gal will dress up your outfit for a surprise client meeting.

  1. Personal necessities

You may not always have time to run to the drugstore when an emergency happens. By keeping your mini-drugstore at your desk, you will be prepared for that killer paper cut, debilitating headache, lost contacts, or female hygiene issue.

  1. Headphones

Even if you don’t plan in plugging in the headphones, having them to block out the noise around your desk can make a big difference. Headphones are a way to show everyone to leave you alone.

  1. Phone charger

While phone chargers have become universal so you can probably get away with borrowing someone else’s, it is safe to keep your own at your desk so you can save time by just pulling it out and plugging in your phone.

10. Breath savers

Maybe you hit up that great new lunch spot that uses lots of garlic in their dishes and now you are stuck with breathe that is less than tasty. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at your desk, as well as some kind of breathe freshener like gum, mints, or mouth wash. This will come in handy when you decide to talk to your boss to negotiate a pay raise or a meeting with a client.


10 Must Have Items at Your Desk by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin