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Turn Your Journalism Degree Into a Career with Granted

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Simply earning a degree in journalism from a college or university does not mean that you will be able to secure a job within the industry. A degree in the field does not automatically help you find a job. You will need to have at least some experience from either an internship, a part-time job or work with your school newspaper.

An excellent way to find a full-time job in journalism is to use the services offered by Granted. The site is 100 percent free to use, no matter the services you use or how many job applications you submit.

Working in journalism can be very rewarding, especially if you prefer the investigative aspect of the profession. You will be able to let the public know about issues going on in their hometown, county, or state. If investigative reporting is not something you have an interest in, you could move to sports journalism or regular reporting.

There are so many different angles you can take in the field of journalism, which means that there are plenty of options available when you begin searching for open jobs. Make sure you use Granted and its job board to as often as possible to find any and all journalism jobs open in your area or across the country.

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Turn Your Journalism Degree Into a Career with Granted by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes