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Comcast Adding Jobs in Fort Myers, Florida

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The customer service center in Fort Myers, Florida for Comcast is being expanded, with 220 new jobs opening up, according to

The new jobs are part of the plan for Comcast to expand its operations in Fort Myers. The Fort Myers Bulk Center of Excellence on Corporate Lakes Drive is where Comcast operates a customer service center right now. The announcement was made on Thursday. There are already more than 400 employees at the center right now.

There will be 200new customer services jobs and 20 leadership jobs when the expansion is complete.

The customer service center provides help to customers who live in communities where Comcast is provided by the homeowner associations. Calls are answered from all over Southwest Florida.

Amy Smith, a Florida region senior vice president for Comcast, told the following: “This has been an ongoing process. We’ve been ramping up this center.”

The average salaries of the new jobs has not been released by Comcast.

“Salary really depends on someone’s experience,” said Cindy Arco, the public relations manager for Comcast Cable’s Florida region.

Arco said that the company will not receive economic incentives to expand in Lee County. Vice president of customer care at Comcast, Veronica Jellison, said, “The more employees we have, the more communities we can support.”

Governor Rick Scott attended the announcement and he encouraged residents to apply for the new jobs from Comcast in Florida.

“If you want a job, call Comcast. I’m sure there’s a 1-800 number you can call,” Scott said.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo