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Top 10 “Tasteful” Tips for Fashion in the Workplace

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Fashion Tips for the Workplace

Now you can look like you stepped off the cover of Vogue or GQ at your next meeting with the Granted Top 10 “Tasteful” Tips.

  1. Remember, if it glows it goes.
  2. The skinny leather tie you had in high school didn’t work then and it won’t work now.
  3. One earring for each ear, hence the word “pair”. If your name is part of the jewelry motif, save it for your 20-year reunion so people know who you are.
  4. If your scent precedes you into a room, it’s either time for a shower or wear less perfume.
  5. Conservative is safest; be yourself on your own time.
  6. For men, shoes and belt should match. For women, shoes should complement, not clash. If the heels are too high to wear all day, put them away for play.
  7. Keep the huckapoo shirt in the attic with your pastel prom tuxedo.
  8. Men’s hair should be worn short and well-groomed. Put away the hair grease and gels. Beards should be well-trimmed, or go clean-shaven. Rememer, Don lost Melanie even with the “Miami Vice” look.
  9. Women, if a small pet nests in your (big) hair, it’s time to comb it out and pull it back. You should be the focus, not your hair. Bouncin’ and behavin’ hair is the best way to go.
  10. Men, nails should be cleaned and trimmed; if wearing polish, use clear until the weekend. Women, take off the decals and racing stripes; nails shouldn’t be considered lethal weapons.
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