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Five Easy Job Interview Hairstyles

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5 Professional Hairdos

Summary: Having a quick and easy back-up option for your hair in case something goes wrong before an interview will help you ensure your first impression is great.

The big day has finally come and the morning does not go as planned. You might wake up late or the weather outside might be a tad blustery so you need a quick and easy hair-do that still looks professional.

French Braid Bun- Part your hair where you normally do. Grab a small section of hair. Split it into three parts. Start French braiding, following your head diagonally down. Secure the braid with a hair band. Roll the braid up and in to make a little bun. Secure the bun next to or above your ear with Bobbi pins.

Job Interview Attire — for Women

Low Rolled Updo- Put your hair into a loose, low ponytail. Part your hair above the hair tie. Pull the ponytail up and through into a topsy. Repeat into another topsy until you are out of ponytail. Fasten under the roll with Bobbi pins to make it feel secure.

Triangle Bobbi Half Up- This hairdo is simple. Pull some of your hair back and secure it with three Bobbi pins in the shape of a triangle to make it secure but give it artistic appeal.

Tips for Dressing Well for Job Interviews

Crown of Braids- Separate a front section of hair from ear to ear over your head. Clip back the back part of your hair to keep it out of the way. From one ear, start French braiding along the hairline over your head. Once you reach the other ear, continue with a traditional three-strand braid to finish it off. Secure the braid with a mini elastic band. Thicken the braid a little by pulling at each strand to loosen the weave. Lift the braid up and over your head directly next to the first part of the braid and pin it next to the other ear. Pin back any hair that didn’t fit into the hair and then let the back section of hair loose. The end result should look like two braids across the top of your head like a headband.

High Ponytail- This one is self-explanatory. The best look for this style is when you have bangs to frame the front of your face. You can wear the ponytail tight or loose.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin