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Dress to Impress at Future Holiday Work Parties

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Summary: Take advantage of the coming holiday parties at work by wearing a fashionable yet festive outfit so you can talk it up with your colleagues all evening.

The holidays are coming. Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. Before you know it, it will be Christmas and the New Year. With these celebrations come parties at work where you can get in some extra fact time with your supervisors. There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to knowing what to say and how to act at these parties. Prepare yourself to look your best for these social events with style.

Do your research into what kind of party you are going to if this is your first time attending. Is it formal, casual, themed? You can use resources like your colleagues or photos taken from last year on the company’s website or Facebook profile to find out what people have worn in the past. You don’t go to an interview or meeting unprepared, so why would you treat a work party any different?

Dress it up a bit but exchanging some key parts to your outfit with something a bit fancier. Perhaps instead of flats, you slip on some heels or a sleek top that is dressier and more festive than what you would wear to work.

Try to keep your attire neutral by avoiding direct references to religion like a sweater with baby Jesus or a Menorah across the front. There are plenty of other ways to be festive without being tasteless. Feel free to go tacky if that is the theme of the event, such as an ugly sweater contest.

Perhaps the most important part is to wear something comfortable. You may have a great little black dress that would be perfect for the occasion but over the years, you put on a couple extra pounds, making the dress fit tighter than is comfortable. There is nothing worse than be self-conscious the entire night, pulling and tugging on your clothes.

Be aware that sometimes things can get a little warm at parties so wear layers that can be removed, but stay in touch with the dress code. A packed room of people plus maybe a few drinks will get the room temp and your inner temp turning up. If you choose to wear a jacket or sweater, wear something underneath that is appropriate in case you decide to remove the outer layer.

Keeping in line with temperature, prepare yourself so that sweating does not turn people away. If you know you are prone to excessive sweating, wear fabrics and colors that help hide that fact. Do not wear silk or bright colors that show moisture. You will not be making a good impression on the CEO when you finally build up the courage to talk to them but have sweat stains under your arms, across your back or elsewhere.

Even those that do not celebrate religious holidays can still partake in the festivities of networking with colleagues. Treat the event like a fancy party by adding a little sparkle such as a sequin top or statement necklace or jeweled tone shirt to blend into the festive atmosphere without sacrificing your beliefs.

Confidence is key to making the event a successful one. Being comfortable in what you wear will help you make it through the night, especially if social settings are not your favorite. Just don’t fill your discomfort with alcohol and make things worse.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin