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Make Yourself Look More Mature with These Easy Steps

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Summary: Trying to fit in with your company when you are clearly younger and proving that you are responsible and worth trusting with important tasks can be made easier when you adjust your appearance.

There are some of us that have the dreaded baby face; looking younger than we are is sometimes great but there are times we want to look older and more mature without having to dye our hair gray. There are also instances when we may be the youngest one working at a company and want to find a way of looking a little older so we fit in better. Here are four parts of our appearance that we can easily modify to seem older and more mature.


The younger generations gravitate towards bold colors and eyeshadow as the best look. A more vintage look is a bold lip color but minimal eye make-up.

lip color


Long flowy hair is a style that usually comes with youthful and free spirited individuals. A shorter ‘do is still stylish and can be fun but if you don’t want to cut off your locks, stick with a sleek bun.

low sleek bun


Jewelry that makes a statement is best reserved for nights out with the girls. Stick with simple gold or silver layered necklaces, pearl earrings, a thin belt, and a watch to display maturity and sophistication.

gold necklace


You don’t have to run out and replace your wardrobe with cardigans and wool sweaters in order to fit in with the older crowd. Button-up blouses paired with the typical dress pants or skirt show elegance in a professional setting. Add the above accessories and the outfit is set. You can also wear cropped jackets with sheath dresses or a button-up shirt with cropped pants, modest heels, and a belt.

Stay true to who you are in colors and styles. Simply adjust a few things and you can change your work look to be more mature while still keeping a youthful look for outside of the office.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin