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Career Risks Not Worth Taking

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career risks

Summary: Taking chances is a part of life, but taking risky chances can ruin a future in your career. Use wisdom when thinking about your career.

Taking chances is critical, but making smart choices is essential if you want to stay competitive in your job. In order to advance, learn and grow in your career, risks are needed. But be careful that the risks are the right ones. Taking the wrong risk can ruin your future at your company and in the industry.

Don’t jump ship immediately because of a bad boss or work that leaves you wanting to pull your hair out. First make a plan of what you want your career to look like. This will give you better focus in applying for new jobs. Figure out if there was anything you enjoyed about your job or if you need to take a whole new direction to be satisfied.

Never put your integrity on the line. A reputation will stick with you wherever you go. Honesty should never be forgotten when dealing with those in your workplace. Lies always reveal themselves, leaving you looking vulnerable and untrustworthy.

Age plays a big factor in the level of risks you should take. Taking bigger risks at a young age allows time to rebuild if the risk should fail, whereas those risks at an older age put retirement plans in jeopardy. Deciding to work abroad, starting a new company or changing careers can be devastating if you have already reached the age of retirement.

View your career as an opportunity to enjoy your experiences and grow. Always examining your career as a success or failure will prevent you from actually succeeding. Being stuck on failure prohibits you from taking chances. You will feel defeated and ashamed and will not focus on the growth of the experience. Being stuck on success creates a person that constantly tries to prove their intelligence and importance to those around them.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin