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Be a Good Intern in 17 Steps

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Summary: By following these 17 easy steps you can turn your internship into a guaranteed success.

Summer is upon us bringing with it the time for internships. You worked hard during the winter and spring to find the internship and lock it in. Now you have to work even harder. A lot can go wrong during your internship that will ruin your chances of future success with the company or even in the industry. Understand that your internship is the priority for the summer and get to work. As you prepare and enter into a new internship, follow these tips to make sure you make it is a successful experience.

  1. Take your internship seriously.
  2. Always be on time.
  3. Listen very carefully and take notes.
  4. Do more than is expected every time.
  5. There is always something that you can be doing.
  6. Show up.
  7. You don’t know it all.
  8. Turn off your cellphone.
  9. Don’t smoke cigars.
  10. Don’t distract others that are busy unless it is completely necessary.
  11. Bring snacks.
  12. Be proactive.
  13. Look for opportunities to show what you do know and how you can contribute.
  14. There are usually no stupid questions.
  15. Think about what you are doing while you are doing it instead of just following directions.
  16. Be eager to learn.
  17. The success of the internship depends on you.

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Be a Good Intern in 17 Steps by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin