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10 Things to Look for When Hiring

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Summary: Hiring managers ultimately look for different things, but it is safe to assume that these ten things are desired by all hiring managers.

Job candidates are always wondering what employers want from potential employees. Quite often it is assumed that employers want someone that has already done the job, has a five-year plan, and has a vision for their future.

Employers are looking for things in candidates that are quite the opposite. They aren’t necessarily looking for someone that has done the exact job before because experience in other industries is often more valuable than only having experience in one job. Employers aren’t focused on a specific five year path, but want to see that the candidate has an idea of where they want to go.

Here are the ten things employers are really looking for in their candidates:

  1. Someone who is curious.
  2. Someone who is up for trying out new things and taking risks.
  3. Someone who is confident.
  4. Someone who can communicate and has opinions.
  5. Someone who is genuine.
  6. Someone who takes the time to investigate the company and think about it.
  7. Someone who wants to learn and identify things they have learned.
  8. Someone with a sense of humor.
  9. Someone that is reliable and ethical.
  10. Someone that isn’t afraid of others.



10 Things to Look for When Hiring by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin