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2015’s Coolest Office Spaces

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Coolest work space

Summary: Last year was filled with startups and more established companies re-doing their office spaces to build a sense of collaboration and innovation for their employees.

What would you put up with at work if there were spacious rooftop gardens, indoor fire pits, cozy nap nooks, and overall inventive office space? Chances are you would be willing to deal with a lot more but you probably won’t have to because companies that put this much effort into making their employees happy will in turn make their employees happy and easier to get along with anyways. The new innovative offices are designed with the employees in mind so you will find greater happiness working at one of these companies.

Airbnb – The San Francisco office was recently expanded with a café corner and impressive conference room. The rooms are decorated in resemblance of a real Airbnb listing, which is now in 34,000 cities across the world.


Bluecore – This New York City company is an email-marketing startup. Their new office space was once a liquor storehouse during Prohibition. The space was designed with an eagle’s nest spot in the high-ceilinged lobby where employees can curl with a laptop for inspiration.


Ekimetrics – Situated in beautiful Paris, this data-savvy marketing and consulting firm knew it had to keep things classic but with a modern edge. The office with arched windows, tall ceilings, and chandeliers even comes with a food truck-inspired staff canteen.


Kickstarter – Once working out an office where dishes were washed in a bathtub, this crowdfunding company has moved up. They wanted someplace that made their employees excited to come to work but avoided the flashiness of Silicon Valley offices. The office features a second-floor garden and open roof deck, glass walls to let in light, and a private theater.


iHeartMedia – The company’s headquarters were recently moved from San Antonia to New York City. They went with a stripped clean and left raw feeling in the design of the new office. The catwalk entrance to the office and many other spaces around the building have a futuristic feel with bright lights and colors.


SoundCloud – The Berlin headquarters was finished just last year. There are 16 small conference rooms, all named after neighborhoods in London, San Francisco, and Berlin. The environmentally conscious feel is evident with an indoor garden and eco-friendly fibers to make up the seat cushions and everything else. With roughly 200 employees working from the building, they needed places for them to go to relax such as the nap pods, fireplace, or café.


Harry’s – The men’s razor retailer boasts open collaboration areas, autonomous desks, and a closed conference space for their roughly 100 employees.


Salt Co-Working – They had to expand their Yekaterinburg, Russia office by adding mini-offices. The common areas feature bean bag chairs and exposed beams to foster a relaxing impromptu meeting space. They also have a fully equipped kitchen, showers, and a coat room.

Salt Co-Working

Warner Music UK – The music brand decided to consolidate six offices into one. The London office keeps the lighting subdued for a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Black stained timber floors and leather couches add to the masculinity and old-school vibe.

Warner Music UK

Atlas Holdings – There aren’t many places that feature floating rooms but this “ski chalet” designed hedge fund office in Greenwich, Connecticut has just that. There are also plenty of private meeting places to keep private financial information private.

Atlas Holdings

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin