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Take Off for the Northern Oceans

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Arctic Circle

Summary: If the South Pole is not your style, but sailing aboard a ship at the North Pole sounds interesting, apply for the Arctic Circle Residency Program.

Similar to the opportunity to visit Antarctica to finish a creative project, the Arctic Circle Residency provides the chance for artists, scientists, architects, educators, and other innovators to board a ship for the northern seas.

Calling All Artists to the South Pole

The annual expeditionary residency program explores remote destinations aboard a specially outfitted Tall Ship sailing vessel throughout the Arctic Archipelago Svalbard 10 degrees from the North Pole. The ship has work spaces, common areas, and plenty of room for privacy and creativity. There are two trips each year.

The organization was founded nine years ago and has been a residency program for the last seven years. The trip lasts for three weeks with around 16 to 20 artists on board. No funding is provided so the individual has to find a way to finance their trip. Some take to fundraising sites like gofundme, kickstarter, and hatchfund to dig up some extra support for the trip. The trip costs $6,200 plus more for the travel to the ship plus more for necessary items like art supplies, cold weather clothing, etc.

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While the trip is not cheap, it will provide to be an invaluable experience for artists interested in arctic-themed projects. The creative world is highly competitive and sometimes a big investment is needed to set yourself apart from the rest.


Take Off for the Northern Oceans by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin