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Pitching an Idea to Your Boss

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Summary: Your idea could solve the problem the company is facing, but pitching your idea is still nerve-wracking.

You have come up with an excellent idea for a project, or at least you think it is. You did all the work to make sure the project could work and you know it will help the company and clients. Now you have to tackle the dreaded pitch to your boss. Even though you have planned and accounted for every possible problem, finally putting your idea out there is intimidating.

Here are five tips to help you make a pitch to your boss:

  1. Condense your pitch to a Tweet- Often the best pitches are short, the length of a Tweet. Make the 140-character summary of your idea strong and to the point.
  2. Start with a question- You want the attention of your boss from the beginning. One way of doing this is with a provocative question that can grab the listener’s attention.
  3. Begin and end with a visual- If you are using PowerPoint to present your idea, include visuals that relate to the concept. Make the first slide a beautiful photograph that represents the problem you are addressing. Finish the presentation with another photo that illustrates the solution to the problem.
  4. Be invested, not just interesting- When your boss gives feedback, listen to it. Don’t just assume that your presentation is perfect. There are always ways to improve. Address their concerns either at the time or within a specific time frame.
  5. Keep the pitch simple- Make the pitch so that your mother can understand it and teenagers don’t find it boring.


Pitching an Idea to Your Boss by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin