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How to Make the Most Out of Being an Intern

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Summary: Being an intern is not always the most enjoyable experience but you can make the opportunity pay off with a good attitude and professional approach.

Quite often, being an intern is not the most glamorous position. There is a lot of grunt work on top of long hours. In order to make the most of your intern and get something out of it, follow these tips.

  • Be punctual

Everyone says to be on time because it is important. Although no one might say anything about being habitually five minutes late, they are taking notice. Being on time, even a little bit early, shows that you respect your job and the company.

  • Be happy

When you are asked to run errands, fax, scan, copy papers, shred documents, or get your boss coffee, do it with a smile. The better you do on each task given, you will be given bigger and better tasks next time.

  • Get to know employees of the company at all levels

Be nice to the janitor, receptionist, middle man, and the executives. Each person has something different to offer and being friendly with everyone will show that you truly care about everyone instead of just focusing on sucking up to the executives.

  • Always dress the part

You are not going out to a nightclub or to get breakfast in the morning. Keep your appearance professional. Jeans or even khakis are not acceptable unless the company has a casual Friday. Always error on the side overdressed to show the company how serious you are about the job.

  • Volunteer for projects

Jobs will arise that no one else wants to take on. Volunteer to take it on and use the opportunity to show that you take initiative and can get the job done.

  • Continue your education

While you don’t have to go out and get another degree, there are still classes you can take to learn new skills such as how to use a program or lectures and seminars for your industry. Make it known to your boss that you are doing so and they will appreciate that you are investing in your career.


How to Make the Most Out of Being an Intern by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin