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10 Things Never to Say When Job Hunting

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Summary: There are some things you shouldn’t mention when talking with potential employers and recruiters. Learn about them here.

You can expect to get asked a lot when looking for a new job, “Why are you job hunting?” You can give a range of reasons for searching for a new job, but the real reason for wanting a new position is your own. It is in your best interest not to always divulge your true reason for job hunting. Getting into personal reasons or how you dislike your boss looks bad for you. Instead just reply, “I’ve reached a point in my current position where I need a new challenge.”

There are a few other reasons you can give that are acceptable such as your company is reorganizing, downsizing, or going out of business. Those are reasons that do not reflect specifically on your abilities to do the job. Whatever answer you do give to the question needs to not put you in a place where you look desperate, unqualified, lazy, or as a problem.

Remember that the only person truly working for you is you. Others that offer to help, such as recruiters, need to make placements to earn their money. You need to be doing your own research into companies to ensure they are the right fit for you and your needs without the recruiter or employer being all up in your business and believing they know what your needs are.

Here are ten things never to say when you are looking for a new job:

  1. Never imply that you are desperate to find a new job.
  2. Never divulge that you are having problems with your boss or believe you might get fired.
  3. Never tell a recruiter or employer that your job search is not going well or have had other opportunities not work.
  4. Never tell the employer about the other companies you are interviewing with or where you are in the interviewing process with other companies.
  5. Never tell a recruiter or employer about things in your life that are making it especially important to find a job or new job quickly such as a spouse losing their job.
  6. Never tell the employer that you would be willing to take a pay cut because you are so interested in the job. This makes you look needy.
  7. Never tell a recruiter or employer that you need the job quickly in order for other things to happen, like qualify for a home mortgage. This will result in a less appealing job offer.
  8. Never tell a recruiter or employer that you are going to sue your current employer or file a claim against them. This is none of their business and leads them to wonder if you would sue them someday.
  9. Never tell a recruiter or employer that you are tired of job hunting and want the process to be over with.
  10. Never tell a recruiter or employer that you were happy to get their interest because another good offer just fell through.

Do you think any of these things should be mentioned when on the job hunt? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin