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6 Ways to Make Money Online as a Student

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Summary: In order to make money online and on your own schedule, you are going to be entering into the world of self-employment, meaning your efforts determine the reward.

Paying for college can be expensive. Most of us need some kind of employment to help pay for living expenses. However, finding a job that fits with your class schedule and leaves time to still do homework is hard. Online jobs are a great alternative. Here are six online ways to make money that provide flexible hours to fit a student’s lifestyle.

  1. Customer Service

Many companies are switching to online customer service jobs. While some of these may have specific hours you are required to work, there are options out there for more part time positions. Look for positions at American Express, Amazon, Capital One, and U-Haul. Insurance companies are also turning towards hiring employees as online workers. While the job is not glamorous and can require dealing with complaints, light sales, reservations, and service coordination.

  1. Swagbucks

This isn’t a job but it is an easy way to make money while doing homework. You earn cash, gift cards, and other rewards by taking surveys, answering polls, playing games, watching ads, and more simple tasks. You won’t get rich but this can provide a small amount of money to help pay for groceries or a night out.

  1. Instructor

This is another place where companies are moving to online positions. Training, education, and instruction are available online from companies such as Kaplan. There are also options to be a freelance English teacher for places in Asia on websites like The sites act as virtual classrooms where anyone can offer lessons and anyone can take lessons.

  1. Selling

If you have an eye for finding deals, think about reselling those items online. There are apps like BookScouter that scan the ISBN of a book and tells you the prices for it on over 30 websites. Hit up garage sales on the weekends and thrift stores to find those awesome deals.

  1. Test Websites

Try to test the usability of websites for big companies. It is like taking a survey of what is good and bad, clear or confusing on a website that you get paid for.

  1. Blogging

Building up a successful blog can take time but the really successful ones can make a lot of money. You have to be getting at least a couple thousand visitors each month to turn out good money. Blogging goes along with writing your own e-book. Write about a topic that you are knowledgeable about and people would pay money for.


6 Ways to Make Money Online as a Student by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin