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Giving Feedback to Your Boss Can Be a Good Thing

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Summary: Giving feedback to anyone can be a sticky situation as no one likes to be criticized, especially your boss, but when your approach the situation correctly, there are better chances of the feedback being taken positively.

Have you ever considered giving feedback to your boss before? The idea may seem like a disaster waiting to happen but usually everyone can benefit from the right feedback given in the right way. Just think about it, how else does a manager know what they are doing is effective or not?

There are always going to circumstances when feedback won’t be welcomed. There are just some people that do not take feedback, whether positive or not, well. Or if your feedback is very serious and would be better handled by HR or someone in an even higher position, then take it to them. Don’t give your feedback of your manager to a colleague because the worst thing would be for your manager to hear that you had that conversation about them.

With a manager that is receptive and open to honest communication, you still need to approach the situation carefully. Plan ahead what you want to say and decide if it is even worth saying. Just as in other relationships, you need to pick your battles. If after a few days of thinking about the feedback you want to give, you may decide that it really doesn’t make a big difference and move on.

Look at what kind of relationship you have with your manager. Is there already an established communication? Have they asked for feedback before? Are they quick to anger and get offended? Asking yourself these questions will help you know how to handle the situation.

Once you decide to give the feedback, schedule a meeting with your manager. Make sure it is okay with them to discuss the feedback you have to give that relates to your working relationship or work you do.

Take notes on a piece of paper about what you want to say and rehearse it. Don’t type out your feedback or email it to them.

Remain respectful as you give the feedback. You don’t want them to feel like they are being attacked or targeted. Use your meeting as a time to discuss a solution that can improve things.

The end goal is to improve your relationship with your manager, working conditions, and their ability as a manager.


Giving Feedback to Your Boss Can Be a Good Thing by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin