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Escape to Your Job with the USDA

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fire aviation

Summary: Enjoy this daily series of fun employers that are always looking for new and energetic talent to join their team.

The United States Department of Agriculture has amazing and exciting opportunities in their Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management division. The department not only relies on computer technicians and firefighters but also scientists and pilots to get the job done seasonally and full-time.

Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatch)

While the job is exciting, it also requires members to be in top physical condition in order to be properly prepared for the arduous and dangerous situations. The highest numbers of positions available are during the high summer season when thousands are out helping in some way to fight fires. The type of scheduled hours range from seasonal, permanent seasonal, limited full-time, and permanent full-time.

Supervisory Forestry Technician Helitrack

Some of the specific positions within the Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management team are administrative personnel, fire managers, fuels specialists, fire ecologists, firefighters, radio communications, electronic technicians, aviation and ground safety professionals, dispatchers, helicopter and fixed wing technicians, communicators, and fire prevention specialists.

If you think this may be an exciting new adventure worth trying out, get your application in now as most are due in January. There is a lot of education and information about how to properly fight forests that must be learned before entering the field. Communication is an essential skill to be successful with the department as well as stay alive when out fighting the fires.


Escape to Your Job with the USDA by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin