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Spend Time as a Lighthouse Keeper

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Summary: Volunteering during the summer at the historical Apostle Islands in Wisconsin would be a educational experience filled with customer service skills.

Living on a rustic island in Wisconsin may very appealing for some. The Apostle Islands have several lighthouses that need to be manned by volunteers during the summer season. The history of the islands runs deep, providing an educational experience for anyone working or traveling to the area. The islands were once inhabited by Native Americans, pioneer farmers, commercial fisherman, lighthouse keepers and their families. The evidence of homes, schools, and workspaces are mostly gone but sometimes remains of a foundation can be found.

Don’t Forget to Give Back with Volunteer Work

As a lighthouse keeper you can spend several weeks living at the lighthouse or utilize accommodations nearby while still giving tours and helping guests at the lighthouses during the day. The lighthouses are not extravagant but all come with a propane space heater, propane cook stove, propane refrigerator, twin beds, kitchen utensils, dishes, brooms, buckets, and a table and chair assortment.

Want to Become a Park Ranger?

There are six lighthouses stations but not all are staffed by even park rangers. The Devils Island station has an actual house near the light tower with flush toilets, bathtub and shower, running hot and cold water and limited electricity making it the fanciest place. Michigan Island does not have electricity but does have an outhouse and the ability to pump water to the kitchen where it can there be filtered or boiled.


Spend Time as a Lighthouse Keeper by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin