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Career Fitness to Find Your Dream Job

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career fitness

Summary: Follow these three career fitness steps to get closer to finding your dream job.

Mental Exercise: Work on discovering and defining your personality strengths. Without understanding what your strengths are, you are vulnerable to not performing at your top level. There are three assessments that are worth taking the time to take:, strengthsfinder2.0, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. uses the VIA scale to measure character strengths and virtues in 5 signature strengths. Strengthsfinder2.0 was created by the Gallup organization to identify at least 5 major personality strengths. The Myers-Briggs is based on Carl Jung’s Personality theory, allowing users to build an understanding of their personality strengths.

How to Test for Career Strengths

Three Big Career Questions Exercise: Ask yourself these three questions- What do I value?, What do I enjoy?, and What am I good at? Value in your career may come from working with others such as youth or elderly and learning new things. Enjoyment can come from helping others make their own career decisions, reading and learning, and being with children. Talents may come from helping and mentoring, learning, giving advice, collecting information, and remembering information. Once you determine any patterns or redundancies, you will have better idea of what direction to take.

How to Choose the Right Career for You

Collect “Me at My Best” Stories: You need examples of when you have overcome adversity or obstacles and made significant accomplishments to use when explaining to listeners what your natural and inner strengths are. Ask these listeners what the story reveals to them about you as a way of learning how others see your talents.


Career Fitness to Find Your Dream Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin