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Make These 5 Other To-Do Lists

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Summary: There are other to-do lists that need to be created to either keep you on the right career path or give you a motivational mental break.

Have you ever thought of making more than one to-do list? The all too common everyday to-do list of things you need to get done each day is great, but what about your bigger goals? Here are five to-do lists you should make now to give yourself the extra motivation you need to get through a hard week.

  1. A reading list: This is something fun that can be a great conversation starter as well. You can keep this list on your phone if possible so that you can add to it when you see a new book that looks interesting or someone suggests one.
  2. A travel wish list: How better to find the motivation to keep chugging away than to dream about vacations, especially vacations to places you are dying to visit. The places can be ultimate destinations and weekend getaways so that you have more immediate trips to work towards and bigger ones to save up for.
  3. A shopping list: Are there items that you have wanted to add to your wardrobe or maybe a new home entertainment setup? Now is the time to make that list so you can visually see what you want when you are out shopping and what you need to do to be able to afford the items. Update the list seasonally or whenever needed.
  4. A future goals list: Take time to make a well thought-out list of future professional and personal goals. This list can help you stay focused on your future and make good choices to help you reach your goals. There can be short and long term goals to work towards.
  5. A bucket list: This can be a way to set goals outside of your professional ones that are things you want to try or accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” The types of things that can be on this list are endless. Some popular ones include running a marathon, meeting your hero, trying a certain kind of food, completing an unusual activity, learning how to surf … the list can go on. Whatever your items are, build a list that is realistic to conquer but will push you.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin