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How to Be the Best Boss

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Summary: A good boss can change the future of a company and its employees. Learn how to be a good boss to make sure you set your company on the path to success.

A good boss can receive all kinds of benefits from their employees and workplace. A good boss has the loyalty and dedication of the workforce compared to a bad boss that no one wants to help or be around. If you are the boss, follow these tips to make sure are liked by everyone at work.

What Are the Worst Things a Boss Can Ask Employees to Do?

A good boss is a good coach, empowers the team, shows interest in their team member’s success and personal well-being, is productive and results oriented, a good listener, helps team members develop their career, has a clear vision and strategy for the team, and has key technical skills to help advise the team.

How to Tell If You Are a Terrible Boss

These traits were listed as the worst bossy traits: public belittler, liar, demeanor/condescender, humiliate/embarrasser, and micromanager/nitpicker. The public belittler is the most common negative trait of bosses. Don’t let your employees be part of the 30 percent that would change their mind about leaving their current job if they could work under a different boss or management team.

Giving Feedback to Your Boss Can Be a Good Thing

In order to be a good boss, you need to make sure your employees feel appreciated. Be open with your employees to figure out what they realistically want. You may not have a big budget to work with to reward employees, but there are still plenty of cheap or free options to celebrate an awesome employee.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin