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3 Subtle Ways to Shout “I’m Looking for a Job”

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Summary: Follow these tips to learn how to use social media to find a job, but be discreet about it so your current boss isn’t clearly aware of your intentions.

Social media is a great resource for networking with those in your industry and for finding jobs. However, when the time comes to start the search for a new position and opportunity, you may not want your current boss knowing of your future plans before you are ready to tell them.

Here are three ways to subtly let the social media work know you are looking for a new opportunity without directly saying so.

  1. It’s all about the keywords. When you last updated your social profiles following receiving a new job, the searchability of your profile probably wasn’t a concern. Now that finding a different job is on your mind, having a profile that stands out is important. Having a title of “project manager” isn’t enough to be found easily during an industry-related search. Use description and industry keywords to stand out.
  2. Make your long-term goals clear. Displaying your long-term goals in your profile shows what want your next career steps to be. It doesn’t scream that you want a new job, but that you understand where you want your career to go.
  3. Leave a clear calling card. Having a line such as, “I’m always interested in learning about new opportunities in my field. Feel free to email me at…” gives hiring managers permission to contact you about job openings without you begging them to.


3 Subtle Ways to Shout “I’m Looking for a Job” by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin