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First Day of Work: Rules to Follow

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first day at job

Summary: Staying positive, energetic, open-minded, and friendly will help ensure your first day of work at a new job is not also your last.

The first day of a new job will lay the stones for how the job will go. Do or say the wrong things on your first day and your colleagues might dislike you or even cause you to lose your job.

Some experts suggest that you could lose your job in the first three months for saying something bad. We all want to be liked by impressing others and fitting in but trying too hard ruins those chances. Here are just a few things to avoid saying on your first day:

– “In my last job”

Start your new job with energy and humility. Coming off as a know-it-all won’t win anyone over.

– “When do I get a raise?”

Do we even have to explain why saying this on your first day is beyond inappropriate?

– “BTW, I have to leave early on Fridays.”

You should have already discussed this before your first day of work. Making these kinds of announcements shows you are not committed to the job.

– “Hang on… I’m working on my HR paperwork.”

Being accessible to your new boss is the most important part of your first few days and weeks. Paperwork can be done during other times when there is nothing for you to do.

– “So who should I avoid and who do I need to meet?”

With this question you are asking coworkers to gossip, which is a big no-no. Coworkers may have issues with each other that have nothing to do with you.

– “Do we get a holiday bonus?”

Asking questions that deal with money before actually asking questions that relate to your job give the wrong impression. Being engaged in the job and not the paycheck if you want to make sure the paychecks keep coming.


First Day of Work: Rules to Follow by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin