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ACS, a Xerox Company, Creates “Virtual Benefits Fair” To Smooth The Open Enrollment Process

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Xerox ACSACS, a Xerox Company, a leader in HR solutions for businesses, has collaborated with Unisfair, a leader in virtual events and environments, in order to create a virtual environment that will serve as a support for the company’s yearly benefits enrollment program.

A virtual environment was initially created in order to better train the company’s clients, however, now they are broadening the environment application, and using it to help employees in the US have better control over the open enrollment process from the comfort of their personal computer.

The new environment was launched in late 2010 and is known as the “Virtual Benefits Fair” and was designed by ACS to help employees take advantage of their benefits. The program has reported over 20,000 documents downloaded, and an average visit that lasts over an hour.

According to Rohail Khan, the executive managing director of Total Benefits Outsourcing for ACS, new program will “save companies time and money” and “improve the open enrollment outcomes that organizations have targeted for their employee populations.”

ACS, a Xerox Company, Creates "Virtual Benefits Fair" To Smooth The Open Enrollment Process by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes