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HR Jobs: How to Break into the Human Resources Industry

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People often assume that a job in the human resources (HR) field is easy. Those without prior experience in it may be surprised to learn how difficult it can get. This is not to say that these jobs are not worth your time, since HR jobs can be highly lucrative and very satisfying. As long as you go into it well-prepared, you may do well in this career.

Those without the right kind of education and experience will find it hard to qualify for ideal HR jobs. To be successful in your job search, you need to understand what potential employers are searching for in their applicants. Especially for those who have been unemployed for a long time, the job search process can be overwhelming. Remember that the knowledge is your friend: the better informed you are about the industry and specific job you hope to acquire, the better equipped you will be to job search effectively – and to impress prospective employers.

In the HR industry, as with most others, the education of a job applicant is of vital importance. Long gone are the days when a high school degree was sufficient. In general, an advanced degree of some kind will make you that much more competitive with other applicants. Particularly if your area of study is directly correlated with the line of work, most companies are generally willing to pay more to someone with a relevant degree.

For human resource positions, college students can prepare for careers in these sectors by adding human resources related courses or electives to their curriculum. Fresh graduates without an HR background could look taking extension courses to bulk up their resume. Many companies have internship programs where job seekers can get relevant work experience and training in human resources. Internships will most likely be either unpaid or for a small stipend, but having direct experience in HR will go a long way to giving you a competitive advantage over another applicant with no experience whatsoever.

When you’re looking for an HR job, it will benefit you to talk to people from within the industry. If you’re currently working at a company, stop by the HR department and get familiar with the responsibilities that the job entails. Ask people who currently work in HR about the work they do, challenges specific to their field, and skills that have been useful to them in their work. Most people will be glad to give you insider tips on the industry and explaining how they got started.

Finally, NY employment websites like Granted are great for finding HR job openings in the Big Apple. Once you have successfully landed your dream HR job, you’ll see that the hard work and effort you invested into your job search was worth it.

HR Jobs: How to Break into the Human Resources Industry by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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