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CEO Calls Veteran Staffer ‘Old and Ugly’

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After a CEO had the audacity to call an employee “old and ugly”, a law suit was soon filed on the grounds of age discrimination. Based on a technicality, the company in question attempted to avoid an unfavorable decision. However, they were not successful and here’s why: Seven employees were let go in September of 2010 but one employee was kept on for one day. Toni Strength, age 53, was only fired a day after the rest, when the CEO of the company announced the elimination of Strength’s position.

Three employees at the company, Kanbar Property Management, provided testimony that backed the case which Strength had quickly filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The employees provided statements from the CEO claiming that he wanted someone “younger and prettier” for the job and that she was “old and ugly”.

Although the discrimination based on age on Kanbar’s CEO was clear, the law is more blurry. The law states that age must be the one and only reason that the employee was fired. Kanbar’s CEO used his attack on Strength’s looks to bolster his case, arguing that since ‘lookism’ was another reason for her firing, aside from ageism. So, the fact that he was also insensitive and discriminatory about two things instead of one is supposed to get him out of it?

I don’t think so, buddy. He ended up settling anyway, giving strength $140,000.

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CEO Calls Veteran Staffer 'Old and Ugly' by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes