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Even Republicans Want to Hike the Minimum Wage

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republicans want to raise minimum wageRepublicans and other conscientious people are concerned that moral-sounding prospects such as “raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour” is politically deceitful, offering to give what is not yours to give. Furthermore, artificially bolstering the minimum wage rather than letting the economy sort of how much a job should pay leads to a bulked system. That being said, Republicans are now in favor of raising the minimum wage to $9 to keep up with the inflation.

58 percent of self-identified Republicans agree that $9 sounds reasonable, as the Huffington Post reported, though they still balk at the idea of pegging the minimum wage to the inflation as an automatic function. After all, the determination of the minimum wage is part of what drives inflation in the first place, and to artificially equate the two might lead to unwanted complications.

Nevertheless, though blowhards and diehards have been striking at McDonalds for a $15 minimum wage – an ineffective strategy, since such strikers are so readily replaceable – it seems a minimum wage mindful of the inflation would be a good thing, and President Barack Obama has been saying this for a long time.

What this means for job seekers is that if you are planning on getting a minimum wage job, a $9 an hour job might help ease the tensions of getting by on so little.

Whether we will see the change anytime soon depends on Congress, which is, as always, slow moving on such matters.

Even Republicans Want to Hike the Minimum Wage by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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