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Fill Up That Resume

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A story in Am Law Daily suggests that while hiring in the legal industry is set to raise by seven percent in January 2011 from the current month, employers aren’t looking to the unemployed pool of lawyers to add on to their firms.

While by some standards it may feel like a catch 22 to be a recently laid-off lawyer who cannot find work because of your employment status, I have one sentiment to reiterate: LIFE ISN’T FAIR! Additionally, you have a responsibility to secure employment again and fight the stigma that is associated with being unemployed.

It’s important to stay busy while looking for a new job, and this applies to people in every industry, not just the law. Potential employers feel better about hiring someone who has filled the gaps in their resume, and staying active and involved is important for mental health. Here are some things you can do that will both keep you motivated and fill in any resume gaps:

1) Start A Blog:

Ideal topics for your blog will have to do with your profession. For example, if you’re a paralegal, start a job about the ins-and-outs of being a paralegal. If you’re a graphic designer, start a blog that tracks your latest designs. The key to starting a successful blog is finding your niche and really sticking with it.

2) Work Freelance

Network with your friends and family and see if there’s anything you can help them out with. It’s a great way to make money when you’re unemployed, keeps your skills sharp and gives you a line on your resume.

3) Work Pro-Bono

Commit some time to volunteering, especially in your given profession. Public service always looks good on a resume, and will definitely help fill that dreaded employment gap! Volunteerism is also a terrific way to network and often times can lead to paid positions further down the road.

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