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Higher Minimum Wage Possible in Switzerland

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A business owner, Jasmin Eicher, is concerned about the possibility of Switzerland increasing the minimum wage rate to 22 francs, which is equivalent to $25. Because she has struggled with her business already, she would end up losing her business completely if the minimum wage increase were to happen.

The vote on whether or not the increase should happen will occur on May 18th. A large number of employees who live in Switzerland are currently making more than the minimum wage on an hourly basis, but increasing the hourly rate would also increase salaries all across the area. If this change were to happen, Switzerland would officially have the highest minimum wage rate over any other country around the world.

People who are in similar situations as Eicher have made it clear that they would not be able to pay for the help if minimum wage was that high. Eicher claims that she once had someone working for her who was earning a total of 3,500 francs but she had to let that employee go because she could no longer afford it.

She now runs the business alone and works long hours throughout the week to make up for the lack of employees she has running the business. The thought of being able to find someone who would work for even less would become unrealistic with minimum wage set so high. While concerned, she does say that she understands some people need to earn more to survive. She believes that not everyone is worth the higher minimum wage rate, especially if they are not doing their jobs correctly.

The reason that the minimum wage rate is set to increase is because the cost of items in Switzerland is relatively higher than other areas around the world. It is believed that the vote will be close with nearly 50% of people voting yes or no to raising the minimum wage. Only a small percentage of people, currently around 10 percent total, are making less than 4,000 francs per month while working full-time.

However, this would change if the minimum wage does go up, and that percentage of people would begin earning a considerably higher amount than they were before. While there are still a few weeks away until the official vote takes place, some are hoping for the positive change with an increase in hourly wages while many others, specifically those who are employers, are wishing for the exact opposite due to the expense that it would cause for them.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes