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Offices Turning into Creative Work Spaces

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Summary: If a boring office space leaves you wishing for more, there are alternative places you can go to get your work done.

The traditional fluorescent lighted offices with boring walls and boring desks are fading away. They are being replaced by people that understand are creative workplace fuels creative thinking. Now the common office space is equipped with food, party rooms, and other fun features tailored to individual needs.


This trendy treehouse office is built on stilts around a tree in Hoxton Square in London. The pop-up office has eight workstations that feature power plugs and wifi that can be rented individually or as a whole for a meeting space. The design is intended to help the workers feel connected to nature.

Office Boat

Who wouldn’t love to work on a boat everyday? A lawyer in New York, John Lenoir has transformed his yacht into an office with complete internet capabilities. While the rocking and rolling of the waves can be slightly annoying, he has learned how to handle it so everyone stays in place. He says it is worth it to be close to nature.

Coffee Shops

Some people don’t need to rely on having an office of their own. They can go from coffee shop to coffee shop to fit their location.

Take to the Train

Shoreditch, London is home to several people that have repurposed underground train into offices. All the mechanical components of the trains were removed before being hoisted on top of a Victorian building in order to create affordable work spaces for artists.


Offices Turning into Creative Work Spaces by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin