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Parental Leave Policies Becoming Common Benefits

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parental leave

Summary: The best companies know they are expected to offer their new parent employees excellent paid leave options in order to keep the employees coming back and improve their image.

Parental leave policies have been making headlines this past year as many big name companies are starting to offer their new mothers and father awesome benefits. Some of these companies include Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Netflix, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google. Their benefits offered range from 18 weeks paid leave to a year of paid leave.

These companies understand the importance of creating good morale, retention rates, and productivity in their employees. Here are three other companies that have stellar policies that you probably have not heard of.

  1. Happy Family: This New York-based organic baby food company offers their employees 6 months of “supported maternity leave.” This means they get three months paid leave and then the next three months are a plan created between the employee and their supervisor to either work from home, work a few hours or days a week, or even bring the baby to work. New fathers get four weeks paid leave.
  2. MSEP (Manufacturing, Sales, Equipment, Products), LLC: The manufacturer of environmentally-friendly alternative products for things like household cleaners, baby products, painting supplies, and hand sanitizers offers 2 months paid leave for moms and dads.
  3. Blue Corona: The digital marketing firm only has 35 employees in two offices but still offers the new moms and dads or birth/adoption/foster children six weeks paid leave. They offer this time to employees that have to care for a sick family member as well. Employees can then take four weeks unpaid leave if they need more time.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin